Elsteel 19" Super Frame is designed for high tech requirements for Telecommunication, Data Communication and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
The idea behind the design is that it has to be sleek and beautiful, so that you won’t want to hide away your IT equipment, as is usually the fact in many offices and data centres.
Super Frame cabinets are delivered with all necessary accessories for cable management fitted with top/bottom gland plates, cable trays.
All standard 19" rack equipment fits into our Super Frame. Adjustable internal trays also add to its flexibility.
Adjustable feet are included as part of the frame as standard. Even though the design allows it to be standing proud in the open, we appreciate that this type of equipment is normally the last to be given allocated space within the IT room. Or it is pushed into the corner of an office. So we have made all 4 feet adjustable from inside the panel.
Suitable for:
Network Applications
Server Applications
UPS Applications
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